jonarya asked:
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What is your favorite show ?
The Vampire Diaries
What is your biggest default?
for me, would be hiding my feelings, ‘cause that can be painful for me. but for other people, idk.. maybe: being petulant.  
Your 10 top blogs on tumblr and why ?
tvd-delena-love, nian-love-delena, queenneens, niansomerhalder, ianinaforever, ohwarriorprincess, deadisworsepoisonrain, delenasporn, delena-love-nian ~no order~
because they have really awesome blogs and they are REALLY kind people. 
Do you have any brothers/sisters ?
Yes. One brother and One Sister
What are your hopes for the future ?
I dont know, and that’s whay scares me the most. 
Your favorite singer/band ?
Coldplay, Maroon 5, Katy Perry, BEP, The Fray, etc etc 
A good memory ?
In the beginning of the year, when I traveled to Fortaleza. It was awesome. 
Do you believe in supernatural things ?
Nope (even tho I love them lol) 
Your biggest wish ?
have someone that will like me and have a good quality of life, you know. 
Do you believe in love ?
yes, I do. but I do not believe in love in first sight. 
Do you have a nickname ?
Many, actually. Some people call me Bella, others Isa, others “Bellinha”,  even “Isabellinha”.. each person likes one version of my name LOL

  1. jonarya said: I shall call you Bellinha from now on then my love <3 :P
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